Porn Shrem has developed a methodology and unique work patterns that affect all stages of the project and provide a systemic solution that includes, among other things, providing an engineering envelope of organization and methods, PMO, schedules and risk management that support the project manager and direct him to deal with the engineering nucleus of the project, The elements required for its success. This methodology, combined with the excellent and meticulous manpower capabilities, enables organic integration in every project and optimal work for the client. All these together are part of the D.N.A paving the way for the success and prosperity of Poran Shrem.


Project Management Services - Project Management Poran Shrem Project Management is a comprehensive system of solutions and services, tailored to each customer. The services provided by the company include the common services in the field of civil engineering project management, as well as additional and supplementary services, which are committed according to the international concept for the purpose of optimal and efficient management of the project.

Our Services:

Management of initiation and program processes

Project learning, coordination, management and control of the project's initiation process, definition of new contents and stages in a new project, and within an existing project. Definition and writing of work processes, programmatic and characterization, definition and writing of an organized project management plan, and customer support in decision-making and project initiation.

Coordination of the project at the tender planning stage

The planning and coordination of the project, coordination of the tender program in coordination with the client, participation in the routine of weekly planning coordination meetings, coordination of the planning elements including skeleton, envelope, systems, interior areas, Examining the integration of the designated equipment and facilities required for installation in the building as part of the planning, concentrating the process of preparation of tenders, distribution and tour of contractors until receipt of price quotes, analysis of contractors' proposals, assistance in technical and financial negotiations with the contractors, concentration of contract appendices (Appendices)

Treatment of the project at the implementation stage

Integration of a professional civil engineering inspector to oversee the work on the site, as well as supervising systems according to the needs of the project, introducing contractors to work while ensuring the delivery of the site as required, verifying the report of the manager, work qualified insurance guarantees etc., preparing a detailed timetable coordinated with all the contractors and suppliers The planning process until all the programs in the status of implementation are received, summons the consultants to the Supreme Supervision, including full follow-up of the execution of the orders of the planners, supervision of the quality of the materials, the products and the work performed on the site according to the contracts, specifications, plans and instructions for the planners, Then they moved on Execution of the project according to the agreed timetable and reporting to the customer, issuing periodic reports including follow-up of schedules, budget follow-up, updates, photographs and more. In cooperation with the planners, consultants and representatives of the user after completion of all contractor work according to contract + examination and approval of final accounts, follow-up laboratory tests and all necessary until receipt of Form 4 and business license and escort the inspection period.

Integration Management

(PMP), which will include the following: Project management processes selected by the project management team, defining the level of application of each selected process, a description of the tools and techniques used to complete these processes, definition and coordination of how the processes will be utilized Selected to manage the specific project, including the dependencies and the interrelationships between the processes as well as the inputs and the essential outputs. The plan defines how the work required to achieve the project's objectives will be carried out, how the monitoring will be conducted and the changes will be monitored, how the content management, the need and the techniques will be carried out in communication between the stakeholders.
In the project management plan we usually include the following components:
A list of milestones, a basic schedule plan, a basic cost plan, a basic quality plan, a risk list, a content plan, a communications plan, a human resources plan, a procurement plan.

Content management, document control, agreement control and change control

Poran Shrem has in many projects managed, controlled and controlled the project's contents, agreements and customer goals. Procedures for the preparation of content planning usually include preparing a detailed description of the project content based on the initial description of the project content, planning a process that enables the creation of the structure of the work content from the detailed description of the project content, and determines how the content structure will be maintained and approved. (validation matrix). The design includes a process that specifies how the project's complete deliverables will be formally verified and accepted. The planning includes a process of controlling the handling of requests for changes in the detailed description of the contents of the project. This process is directly related to an integrated change control process. The company has proven ability to manage and document documents, control and manage information traffic (Doc Control) by integrated personnel.

Management Schedules

Managing the project schedule is an important and significant stage that requires knowledge and a thorough understanding of the stages of the project and the work content. Poran Shrem operates an integrated team of engineers and PLCs who specialize in setting up and managing schedules and monitoring and identifying obstacles. The schedule management at Poran Shrem begins with defining the work packages that are the basis for estimating the time required for executing the project, determining the sequence of activities and identifying the logical connections between schedule activities and their documentation. The duration of the activities is carried out in conjunction with the engineers and the management and execution teams of the Company, in accordance with the knowledge and experience accumulated over the years. Management, accompaniment and updating of the timetable throughout the project, depending on the progress of the work, according to changes in the project management plan and in accordance with anticipated risk events that occur or disappear after identifying new risks.
The Company has the ability to perform schedule control to determine the current state of the schedule, to manage and control the factors that generate changes in the timetable, to examine and manage changes in the timetable and to provide an opinion accordingly

Cost Management, Budget and Value Engineering

From the initiation stage of the project, Poran Shrem assists in concentrating the planning and execution estimates of the project and in the construction of the budget, taking into account all the cost components. The Company has extensive experience in preparing estimates at various stages of the project, examining them and updating them as necessary. The quantitative assessment of possible costs includes, inter alia, an assessment of the resources required to complete the activity, fees, taxes and overhead, analysis of previous supplier and service offerings, analysis of reserves and cost of quality.
As an integral part of the services, cost control is performed, including an examination of the impact of the factors causing changes in the plan, on the basis of which the estimates were made and the costs were incurred, managing the actual changes, ensuring that the potential deviations from the costs will not exceed the approved funding period and the total cost of the project. To detect deviations from the basic plan for costs, to record all changes, to prevent the inclusion of incorrect, inappropriate or unapproved changes, reported costs or utilization of resources, and to report to the appropriate stakeholders on approved changes.

Risk management

For several years, the company's customers have become increasingly in need of professional management of project risks. Risk management planning usually begins with deciding how to access and execute project risk management activities. Planning future risk management processes is important to ensure that the level, type, and transparency of risk management is consistent with the risk and importance of the project to the organization to provide sufficient resources and time for risk management activities and to reach an agreed risk assessment basis.
Poran Shrem is a partner in identifying the risks that may affect the project and documenting their characteristics. A qualitative analysis of the risks is then carried out, defining the order of priority of the risks identified according to the probability of their occurrence, their implications for the project's objectives if any, and other factors, such as the time frame and the risk tolerance of the cost constraints, timetable and the quality of the project. The analysis continues with a quantitative assessment and assessment of the risks that have been identified as a top priority following the qualitative analysis of the risks as risks that have potential and material implications for the competing requirements of the project. The process of quantitative analysis of risks analyzes the effects of these risk events and gives them a numerical ranking.
Poran Shrem has extensive experience in planning a risk response, preparing treatment options and deciding on activities that will improve opportunities and reduce threats to the project's goals. The risk-adjusted responses must match the risk, be cost-effective, timely, realistic in the context of the project, agreed upon by all parties involved, and under the responsibility of the appropriate person. Throughout the life of the project, Poran Shrem supervises risk monitoring and control, including risk identification, analysis and planning for new risks that arise, tracking of identified risks and risks on the follow-up list and re-analysis of existing risks.

Quality management and control

Poran Shrem attributes high importance to the quality of planning, execution and service. In order to meet the required quality level, the company operates a quality control system that accompanies all the various planning and implementation processes, as is customary in the world today. The purpose of the Quality Plan is to establish a quality control and assurance system designed to maintain a quality level that complies with the requirements of the standards, regulations, requirements of the authorities, plans, specifications and customer requirements. Among the company's goals is to visit the planning and execution of the project at a level of quality and reliability that will meet the expectations of the customers. With the help of a control and quality assurance system, the company expects to help customers minimize the malfunctions and achieve a high level of performance. The Quality Plan, as written by the Company, describes the quality control and assurance system and determines the method of work and responsibility, and includes the procedures by which the customer will reach the most efficient way to achieve the quality goals. In order to implement the requirements of the control and quality assurance program, the company allocates resources in coordination with the customer. Quality control and assurance are carried out by the Company's staff, which is managed and controlled on an ongoing basis by the Company's quality control and QA managers. Quality control and assurance are carried out at the design stage throughout the project according to the company's procedures, as well as in execution, from the organizational stage, through the stage of close supervision of a project to delivery.

Management of communications and identifying stakeholders

Poran Shrem conducts an orderly process for the planning, management and control of the communications in the project. The project management plan defines communication items, contacts, stakeholders, the frequency of dissemination of information, the time frame for disseminating the information, the entities with authority and responsibility, as well as the tools and means for transferring the information in the project. The company has extensive experience in preparing and transmitting messages at various levels of management.

Management and accompaniment of entrepreneurs and financing bodies - LTA

The company's managers and employees have extensive background in advising senior executives, company managers, project managers and organizations in consulting and characterizing processes of initiation, definition of work processes, development of management and construction processes, accompanying planning processes, accompaniment of tenders processes, contracts and execution of construction and infrastructure projects. The company's managers are trained in knowledge and sensitive information and support the ongoing activities of senior managers in all activities required to bring the projects to a successful conclusion.

Project Management


In many cases, Poran Shrim is involved in the process of initiating the project, as well as in defining new features and stages within an existing project. The company's experience and knowledge in defining work processes, programs and characteristics, defining and writing an organized project management plan enables and supports customers in decision-making and project initiation.


In the initial stages of the process of initiation of the project begins the process of planning and defining the contents of the project, defining its goals and milestones in the planning and execution process, methods of work and methods of work. The planning process includes the definition of work methods and management on the one hand, but also planning on its various stages, from the initial planning stage, through final and detailed planning to the stage of exit to the tender and selection of contractors. Usually, the planning process ends with completion of the project, closure of the project and delivery of the project to the customer.

Execution of

Projects in the field of construction and infrastructure are characterized by complex planning and execution and significant budget volumes. The processes performed to complete the work as defined in the project management plan ensure the execution of planned planning, control and quality assurance processes and the writing of excellent specifications and quantity statements that will enable contracting and defining the contractual work contents of both the consultants and the planners and the teams and contractors involved.

Command and Control

Porn Shrem has been working for many years to introduce control and control processes in the construction and infrastructure projects in Israel. These processes are used in national and international projects according to the PMOK and are designed to monitor, review and regulate the progress of project performance. Control and control enables constant identification and monitoring of activities, flooding and handling of non-conformances, and continuous improvement of planning and execution processes throughout the life of the project.

Content management, document control, agreement control and change control

The successful completion of the project, as well as the stages of the project, requires the identification, handling and management of the administrative closing processes of the project, as well as the delivery of the project and the stage to the customers. The closing processes include the closing of agreements, contracts, engagements, as well as acceptance processes, quality control and quality assurance of the project and its products, content control and validation, as well as training and transfer to the customer.



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